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Carbon Pair is part of a series of works in which i use a repeated male figure to represents carbon atoms in molecular structures such as diamond. Each carbon can connect to four others as it stretches out its arms and legs. This sculpture represents a single carbon bond: this is the chemical bond that is at the centre of all life on earth. In the same way, the whole of society is built on individual relationships between people.

This sculpture is made of a metal called pewter which is an alloy of tin with antimony and traces of copper. Pewter can be seen as the reverse of bronze, which is mostly copper with a small amount of tin. Unlike historic pewter, i use a lead-free pewter which is non-toxic. So you can safely enjoy handing your sculpture. The use of pewter in artworks and decorative pieces dates all the way back through the middle ages, to the roman period and even to the Egyptians.

Carbon Pair is my best selling sculpture, and the edition is starting to sell out.

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