Barton's Chair

4-metre hanging sculpture for Tonbridge School's science building

Layers of Bournemouth

A public art commission made of rammed earth on the south coast of England

Small Molecules

a series of sculptures in which molecules are represented in chemically accurate form with each atom represented by a human figure

Rammed Earth

An investigation into the problem of man-made substances by returning to an ancient building material

DNA - Hellix of Life

A 2-metre high sculpture of a single twist of DNA composed of 634 human figures

Carnegie Stages

a large installation that shows how the early human embryo develops


a series of works inspired by the concept of morphic fields and the Fibonacci series

Emergence of Chemistry

platononic solids, the theory of emergence and the birth of the universe came together in this early work from 2008 which laid the foundations of much of Marshall's later work


developed during a residency in Pietrasanta in 2010 these works are inspired by the biological process of enzymes


 a form of divination where warm wax is poured into water to predict the future

Carbon Chemistry

inspired by James Lovelock’s theory of Gaia and draws on the concept that all life is interconnected

Human Geography

investigating the different concentric worlds we inhabit and contrasting the natural and networked worlds

Early work

a selection of early works that were the roots of later series

workshops at Feast

Please support my Plastic Mountain crowdfunder

Help me to work with local primary schools in South London to raise awareness of the plastic issue. We need to reach £3,900 before the 20th of December!

We will get the children of each school to create a rammed earth sculpture with embedded litter they have collected. The sculptures will then be left to erode over several months. The rain will wash the earth away, but the plastic will remain. A potent metaphor for the problem of plastic pollution.

rammed earth sculpture with litter

Press & Media

Layers of Bournemouth shorlisted for the Marsh Award

Layers of Bournemouth has been shortlisted for the 2021 Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture: The Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture recognises the best sculpture or monument installed within the last two years in a...

Absolutely Education: Tonbridge School is out of this world | NASA scientists visit

Briony's Barton's Chair commission is featured in this article that appeared in Absolutely Education:   The classrooms and main atrium are bathed in natural light and...

Appearance on BBC Look North: discussing Female Chemistry

Feature of Briony's Female Chemistry proposal was featured on BBC Look North (the regional television news service for West, South and North Yorkshire and northern parts of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) on the 23rd May 2019 The interview with me starts at 1.55: For...

Yorkshire Evening Post: Leeds Arts University opens display of shortlisted sculptures for Quarry Hill artwork championing women in the city

Article published in the Yorkshire Evening Post on 23rd May 2019: Designs for a public...

Barton Science Centre Brochure

Barton Science Centre - Tonbridge School Transforming of the UK’s first purpose built School Science Building The following article appeared in the above brochure detailing the commission Barton's Chair for Tonbridge School's Barton Science Centre. The article: (If...

Leeds Life – Four artists are competing to create a huge sculpture in Leeds

Leeds Life: Four artists are competing to create a huge sculpture in Leeds - take a look at their best work 4 NOV 2018 Four artists are competing for the opportunity to create a £10,000 sculpture in Leeds that celebrates the achievements of women. The search for an...

Bournemouth Echo: Rammed earth sculpture installed at Hengistbury Head

The Bournemouth Echo featured Layers of Bournemouth in their 18th May 2018 edition, both in print and online: A NEW ‘rammed earth’ sculpture has been unveiled at...

ITV news at 10 appearance: post-war public art report

Briony Marshall featured in a Nina Nannar report on the protection of post-war public art for the ITV news at 10 report on Friday 22nd January. At 1min 50 in the linked video:

Royal Society of Sculptors blog post about First@108

Two blog posts about the public art commission First @ 108. I was shortlisted but not selected.

Marshall named one of the 175 faces of Chemistry by Royal Society of Chemistry

Briony Marshall has been selected as one of the 175 Faces of Chemistry to celebrate the forthcoming 175th anniversary of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2016. This illustrious list includes historic heroes of hers such as Marie Currie as well as contemporary...

Chemistry World Podcast

Dr Christ Smith of the Naked Scientists recently interviewed me for the Chemistry World monthly podcast. You can hear the full podcast here: my segment starts at 19 minutes 20 seconds.

Why is drawing important?

I was recently interviewed in my studio by the campaign for drawing as part of their video to promote drawing in all its forms and uses. Below you can see the short film which also features the journalist Andrew Marr and the creative director of Conran and Partners...

Briony’s Blog

Final week Plastic Mountain, new work Serotonin and a talk

Final Week of Plastic Mountain Lots of news in today's blog post. It is the final week of Plastic Mountain in its current location - so if you want to see it in person, get down to West Norwood before this Friday (17th November)! The earth is nearly gone on it - it...

Unveiling the Plastic Mountain – invitation

Plastic Mountain Unveiling I have just finished making Plastic Mountain, my second Rammed Earth public artwork, this time in south London. We will unveil it on the 6th of August. About the project Like my Layers of Bournemouth sculpture (2018), I have created a 2.5m...

“On The Edge” exhibition invitation

As we face an uncertain world, I and fellow artists from the Royal Society of Sculptors have been asking ourselves: "what role can artists and sculpture can play?". So, we are On the Edge... what does the future hold... Like many of you, the pandemic...

Buy a wearable Briony Marshall sculpture (Plastic Mountain Brooch)

Plastic Mountain Brooch   This beautiful handmade brooch by the sculptor Briony Marshall is for sale in support of the Plastic Mountain project.   All the money raised will fund plastic awareness art projects in primary schools with 250 children. We will be taking the...

The making of Layers of Bournemouth

Layers of Bournemouth is a 2.5 metre high rammed-earth sculpture that was created during a site-specific art performance as part of the 2018 Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (B.E.A.F.) festival. The artist Briony Marshall and a team of local volunteers dug up...

Invitation to Royal Society Of Sculptors Summer Exhibition 2021

Briony’s latest work Anthropocene Alternate Futures is featured in the Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition. Come to the private view on Saturday 3rd July 2021.

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Invitation to Environmental Crisis Exhibition – Science and Art

A fascinating exhibition exploring the current environmental crisis curated by school children. I have two of my rammed earth sculptures in an exhibition that is opening on Thursday 13th Feb in South East London: Eltham. The exhibition, exploring the science behind...

Invitation to Feminist Public Sculpture Exhibition – 23rd May – Leeds

At the end of 2018, I was shortlisted for a really exciting project for the City of Leeds. A Feminist Public Sculpture to champion the achievements and recognition of women in the City of Leeds to be cited outside Leeds Playhouse. It is with great pleasure that I...

Finishing the clay sculpture of my Barton’s Chair Commission

After 2 weeks of very hard work I have finished the clay sculpture part of my Barton's Chair Commission for Tonbridge School's new science building - the Barton Centre. In the final sculpture, six copies of the man and 12 of the baby come together into the hexagonal...

New body of work made of Rammed Earth

I have been developing a new body of work using rammed earth: The works started as wax maquettes: Which were then scaled up Form work was made of plywood Layers are colour coded The first completed sculpture was Earth Time:     I then experimented with adding...

Bijou at Candida Stevens

Briony's work will be featured in Candida Stevens Christmas Exhibition: Bijou BIJOU - LITTLE TREASURES 26 November– 20 December 2016 CHRISTMAS PARTY Thursday 1st December, 5-8pm Associated jewellery sale by London Designer i+i from 2-8pm With a completely light touch...

Cross-disciplinary round-table at Westminster Reference Library

Briony to take part in a cross-disciplinary round-table discussion relating to the theme of pattern in Nature and its influence on Mankind This talk as part of the exhibition 'Morphogenesis - the beginning of shape' a 2 woman show by Boudicca Paloma and Rosa Doyle....