Phosphoric Acid


Framed Bronze

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This is a sculpture of Phosphoric Acid or H3PO4. I think of this as my girl-power sculpture, women supporting each other even when they are pulled in different directions by family commitments. In it, the hectic life of a working mother is transformed into lovely balanced dance, full of energy and at times exhausting, but ultimately joyous.

This is a sculpture of phosphoric acid - the tangy taste in Coke drinks. It is from the small molecules series in which human figures are used to represent the atoms in molecules. This tells of how the same few atoms of biological life come together in different ways to produce very different molecules, each fairly simple, but with its own complex stories to tell.

I find it fascinating how patterns observed at a micro level, can also be seen at I macro one. The classic example is rivulets in the sand that look like river deltas seen from a plane. In the same way, the relationships between atoms in molecules, have parallels with the way people come together to form the interpersonal relationships of modern society.

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Dimensions 15 × 16.5 × 16.5 cm

Bronze (mounted on powder coated stainless base)

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