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Glucose is part of Briony's small molecules series in which human figures are used to represent the atoms in molecules. This tells of how the same few atoms of biological life come together in different ways to produce very different molecules. Each of these molecules is fairly simple but has its own complex story to tell.

Glucose has a chemical formula of C6H12O6. It is the sugar in your sugar bowl and the most common of the simple sugars that power biological life. Its high level in our diets is now a source of health worries not just because of weight gain and diabetes, but also heart disease, cancer and even acne. However, Glucose is also fundamental to all animal and plant life. It is the biological currency of energy.

The Glucose sculpture also shows that when we come together we can achieve so much more than we can individually. Human connections are vital to us, and the sculpture shows a wonderful dance of connected humanity.

This edition is nearly half sold out. The next editions 5/12 and 6/12 are currently being cast at Briony's foundry, Pangolin Editions, and should be available to ship in October 2023.

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Dimensions 29 × 23 × 23 cm

Bronze (mounted on powder coated stainless base)

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