So I had a full weekend off at home with the family. I only sent a couple of emails about the show and caught up on the some personal admin. The rest of the time was spent playing with my two little munchkins, mostly in the sunny garden. Bliss. However I caught myself having a little moment of missing being in the studio! With all the intense work in the studio, I had really got into it it, but now I don’t know what the next project will be…

The show is mostly up, I spent 2 1/2 days setting up the two installations, with the help of some trusty assistants. Lots of times spent up quite a high ladder. But it’s amazing working with a gallery as the rest of it they have done, placing all the sculpture and works on paper. I left them on Friday afternoon still hanging. In the end it was just about the right amount of work to fit the space. When I was starting the residency I would get worried every time I went up to the gallery thinking it was such a large space so fill. But I am really happy with the way it’s looking and the way the pieces work together. I’m hoping all the hard work will pay off.

Now it is a bit like the calm before the storm, or will it all be an anticlimax by Wednesday morning, I don’t know… I’ve just realised it will be nice to see lots of friends and acquaintances, but with only 2 hours it is likely to be a bit of a whirlwind. But when I start thinking about it I get a bit nervous.

But just to wet your appetite for the show, you can see the work on the online catalogue:

Catalogue: Briony Marshall - Life Forming

Catalogue: Briony Marshall – Life Forming

and you can read all about it in the press release: Press release

See some of you tomorrow…


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