Barton’s Chair – a sculpture by Briony Marshall

Barton’s Chair – a sculpture by Briony Marshall also viewable on the ArtBrionyStudio YouTube Channel

Barton’s Chair is a large specially commissioned sculpture hanging in the central atrium in the heart of the new Barton Science Centre of Tonbridge School. The sculpture is 8 billion times life-size and combines a scientific model of a molecular structure with a human call for connection and cooperation.

This beautifully shot film follows the creation of this sculpture and explores the ideas behind it. It is inspired by the work of Derek Barton who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on the boat and chair isomers of cyclohexane. The artist Briony Marshall explains the science, how she uses science as in her sculptures as well as elucidating the relationship between art and science.

DNA – Helix of Life

Briony Marshall DNA – Helix of Life from Pangolin London on Vimeo.

Pangolin London’s second artist in residence Briony Marshall, discusses her piece DNA – Helix of Life.

Briony Marshall was awarded Pangolin London’s prestigious sculpture residency in 2012 and her first UK solo show, Life Forming, was held at the gallery in 2013. By perfect happenstance the exhibition coincided with the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA, and Marshall’s DNA: Helix of Life is emblematic of the great achievements of modern science. Standing at over two metres tall this DNA molecule is constructed from over 600 human figures joined at the hands and feet each representing a different atom in the DNA.


Why is drawing important?

Listen to Andrew Marr, Briony and others extole the virtue of drawing.
The segment with Briony starts at 2 minutes and 10 second into the video.


Patterns of Growth

Patterns of Growth by Briony Marshall from Briony Marshall on Vimeo.

Patterns of Growth is an installation developed by Briony Marshall during her residency in Kings Place, and it was displayed at Pangolin London in May and June 2013. This video describes the ideas behind the work and shows the process of making.

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